Friday, March 12, 2010

The hardest working man in show business.

James Brown Did Not Continue His World Tour |

Zombie James Brown would still be the funkiest thing in the world. At least, I'd pay money to go see the undead godfather of soul, and hear classics like "Say it loud, I'm a zombie and I'm proud", "I got your brains (I feel good), and "Get up (I feel like being) a brain-eating machine".

Signs I've been out of Colorado too long.

Jambiani, Zanzibar, Tanzania
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The level of Vitamin D in my blood tested really low. Gotta get back to the sweet mountain sunshine and make me some vitamin D. The air is just brighter there, I swear.

That, or go to Zanzibar for a couple weeks and soak up that spice island sunshine.

Good thing I already have a ticket to Zanzibar. Leaving in three days. Holy eff. Three days!!!