Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mt Sherman

thew resting on Mt. Sherman
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Hiked up another 14er last Sunday. This time with 8 other people, all of whom are awesome. Slightly easier hike than Quandary. We enjoyed a classic mountaintop feast at the summit, including cave-aged gruyere, figs, brownies, and gummi bears. We stopped in Leadville for dinner on the way back and ate at the Golden Burro, home of the Golden Burro-ito.

Summit Dorks

Grrr, Bear!

I was riding my bike up sunshine canyon and I saw a
doe, and then another doe, and then a baby deer, and
then I was just riding along going slowly up this
steep part and I happened to look over to the right
and there was a bear standing in the trees right next
to me, maybe 30 feet away. So I stopped, and stood
there, looking at the bear, and he stood there,
looking at me. I said, "No way! You are not a bear!"

The bear said, "..."

I said, "Holy $%*@, you are a bear!"


"Holy f^(%, I'm standing here looking at a bear!"


Then he turned around and shambled away, apparently
not very interested in conversation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Originally uploaded by thewbert.

Went to Six Flags Elitch Gardens in downtown denver a few weekends ago. Had a blast. It was hot all morning and then as soon as we decide to go on the water ride it cools down a bunch and we all end up freezing our patooties off. We went on the Tower of Doom twice and rode Ol' Rickety twice as well.

See more pictures at my Flickr page.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Quandary Peak

Hiked up Quandary Peak on 10 September. Quandary Peak is a 14er, which means it's one of a handful of peaks in Colorado above 14,000 feet. The altitude kicked my butt a bit, but I made it to the top, as evidenced by the below photgraph.


More pictures of the quandary peak hike are at my Flickr page.

Friday, September 16, 2005

My new home.

I recently bought a condo. My first time buying something. Here are some pictures of it:

I'm aware of the wrapper under the couch. Thank you. I was in a hurry to take these pictures because my friend from whom I was borrowing the camera wanted it back ASAP. Yes, I don't even have a digital camera yet. I'm a luddite.

My Living Room

The hanging plant on the right is named Bob. The european rubber tree on the left is named Robere.

My View
This is the view of the flatirons from my window. Awww yeah.