Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Actual content

So I've been thinking lately that I need to make a better effort to put actual content on my blog. I was close to deleting my last two posts because they don't say anything worth saying and amount to blog wankery. But, I posted them, and posted they shall remain. In an effort to bring some structure to this blog I am going to impose on myself a schedule. We shall see how well it works. You may be wondering why I'm imposing a schedule on something like a blog, which should be rather free form and a labor of love. Well, I like the effect that writing about events has on me. I like having to think about a situation and finding meaning in it enough that I have something to say. When I don't write about the significance of events it's almost as if there is no significance. I've also been on this kick lately where I've been thinking about transfering traditionally oral histories into text. More about this later. Without further ado, here is the rough schedule I'm imposing on myself.

Every Tuesday: A post about music. Maybe a new cd, maybe a show I went to, maybe random musings on music in general. Basically, I like music and it is a great source of joy in my life. I would like to share that joy.

Every Wednesday: A movie review. I am not a professional movie reviewer. I don't go to early screenings so that I can have the review out by opening weekend. But I do like movies, and also would like to share my experiences with them.

Every Thursday: Book talk. Not necessarily a full-fledged book review, just musings about whatever I happen to be reading at the time.

Every weekend, at some time during the weekend: A story, a chronicle, some event from my past that I'd like to put in writing. Hopefully you will find them interesting or entertaining in some way.

This is my self-imposed schedule. You are all allowed to hold me to it and give me grief if I'm late. Email me at thewstew@gmail.com or preferably my yahoo account that you already have if you know me to give me a swift, spiritual kick to the head that makes me get back on my schedule.


Anonymous said...

what about monday????

Anonymous said...

I look forward to having something to comment on every day and something to distract me while i should be paying attention to lecture.