Monday, January 01, 2007

Old Friends, New Adventures

Ten years after my study abroad experience in Bupapest, there's only one fellow BSM'er with whom I've kept in sporadic contact. Rebecca and I travelled together after our program ended, and spent Christmas Day amidst the new-fallen snow in Dracula's Castle, and New Year's Eve dancing the macarena in Istanbul with French Canadians. The last time I saw her was a few years ago when my ship pulled into Boston Harbor and she lived in Cambridge. I was pleasantly surprised when, yesterday, I found an email in my inbox from her. I had been considering a trip to California and possibly visiting her at her relatively new job at Stanford. But, surprise! She's joined the Peace Corps! And is leaving for Guinea, Africa imminently!

I wish her the best in her adventures, work, and self-discovery. Fair winds and following seas, the sailor in me would say.

You can follow her adventures on the blog she has created to detail her experiences in the Peace Corps:

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G~ said...

That's wicked cool. I always wished I were brave enough to join the Peace Corps. My reasons for not ever doing so are too childish and nancy to put here. I have a ton of respect for anyone willing to do what she's doing.