Saturday, March 24, 2007

More biking

On thursday after work Andrew and I went up to Betasso Preserve and did a lap on our mountain bikes. We tried to do the same a couple of weeks back but it was less mountain biking and more hiking through snow while carrying said mountain bikes. Two weeks of glorious spring sunshine made all the difference in the world. There were a few small patches that had a vague memory of what moisture must have been like in the far distant past, but other than that the trail was in beautiful condition. Betasso is a great trail. It's mostly gentle up and down and not technical at all, so it's an insanely fast ride. Fast, and fun!

Yesterday I rode my new road bike up Sunshine again. It was in the afternoon and some clouds were rolling in after what had begun as a typical sunny Boulder day. I sure didn't want to be caught in the rain on a mountain with my roadbike, so I was ready to turn around at a moment's notice should I feel the first hint of a raindrop. I made it to the top as the clouds were getting darker and the temperature was noticably dropping. I could tell it was going to hail soon, or at least rain. I'd never seen as much hail come out of the sky as I did when I first moved to Boulder. It must hail at least 5 times a year here.

The one good thing about being in this position is that it can take an hour to ride up the mountain, but mere minutes to ride down. I took a couple seconds to catch my breath at the top so I wouldn't be shaky on the descent. Being fatigued can make you sloppy, and I sure didn't want to be sloppy on a steep, fast descent in potential rain on a new bike with which I'm not totally familiar.

Minutes later I was sitting at my dining room table talking to my roommate when the hail started outside. The power flickered off for a moment and I relaxed by taking a nice hot shower.

p.s. Sunshine Canyon animal tally '07-2: One deer who startled me by being about 2 feet away when I noticed it; two large brown eyes watching me impassivley as I peddled by.

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Anonymous said...

OK, it finally warmed up enough in Michigan for me to go and attack MY mountains. I really had to force myself to take my road bike out in public with the inane color combination of white bar tape on a silver bike. UUHGGGGG. I just bought some silver faux carbon bar tape that I will put on before too many more bikers see and laugh at me.
Anyway, this year I decided to try something different. I am starting the season with a benchmark hill, oops, mountain to attack so that I can measure my progress as the year progresses. This hill has a 6.3% grade. It is almost 1/2 mile long. My results for the first time out was just over four minutes. Pretty pathetic. I was really surprised and very disappointed with the amount of gravel and crap on the shoulders that is the result of the county dumping all that stuff on the roads so that our incompetent drivers maintain their false sense of security in the winter time.
Well, enough ramblin'. Got to go to the doctor tomorrow for another regular exam.