Friday, May 11, 2007

Santa Fe, Day 2

Casita Chiquita
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We unfortunately had some inclement weather on day two. We did manage to meander around "The Plaza", where all the shops and art galleries are. It was but a short walk from our casita.

It was also our first time experience at the much-heralded Trader Joe's. Anyone who's ever lived by a Trader Joe's talks about it in the hushed tones normally reserved for epic, life-altering experiences. We weren't overly impressed. Sure, I might shop at one if it was close to my house, but it's nothing to get all excited about. The basic idea is that it's a grocery discounter akin to a Sam's club, except that everything they carry is all-natural or organic or recycled or locally-sourced. And they're famous for they're "two-buck chuck", a two-dollar bottle of wine that, if rumors are true, is somewhat quaffable.

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Amica Curiae said...

At least the ones I have been to only have "three buck chuck" but I can attest to its quaffable-ness. I believe I have 3 bottles of it in the wine rack right now! Other than that, the coolest thing about Trader Joe's is their single serving stuffed pork loin or stuffed salmon or whatever other cheap, single serving good food item they have for us single folk who can't really buy in bulk.