Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I found out that I was not selected by the board to go to Antarctica. This is mildly disappointing, but I'm not heart-broken. The possibility of going to Antarctica was, like other actually significant events in ones life, a unique opportunity for introspection. The chance that I might leave my current life behind for a year in one of the most remote corners of this beautiful planet made me think about what I'd be giving up. In, short, I like it here. When I was about to rotate off the ship and into my first land assignment I fought to get here (Boulder, the Space Environment Center, Colorado, all of the above) and was given my first choice of assignments. For this I am thankful. Also, I've been planning fun trips and stuff for this summer, and if I had been selected to go to Antarctica I likely wouldn't have been able to do any of them. Of course, I would have had adventures of a different sort.

I am also thankful for all your support and concern as I was making the decision as to whether or not to apply for Antarctica and as I was awaiting the board's recommendation.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you're staying. Sad that this adventure was not meant to be. Such is life and there is much more to come :)

Amica Curiae said...

Yes, both sad and glad. I supposed things turn out the way they are supposed to... at least it makes ya think tho. good call on that.

Hedda said...

The universe often conspires to put you in the right place, and maybe this is it. Sorry, but glad you're staying!