Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I just received an email from my cousin saying that he was inspired to start a blog based in part on my blog and my sister's blog. Check out his burgeoning blog, sea_pea_tea. I also added a link to it at left. My cousin was at least partially responsible for me taking up drums way back when. He was the older, cooler cousin and he had a drum set in his basement!


porkchop said...

don't forget to give props to your younger even cooler uncoordinated cousin who sent your older, cooler cousin the link to your website!!! Plthf on you! hey I'm still the youngest of the cuz crew!! Now it's time for the new generation of babies to take over!

thew said...

Whoah. New generation of babies!? That would mean I'm old or something, and while the nine-year-old at the birthday a couple of weeks ago did indeed call me an old man, I think I have a few more good years left in me.

But yeah, props where they're due. Thanks cuz!